Emergency Wireless Communications (WES3)

If an emergency occurs on a site or large facility, secure and reliable communications are critical for its prompt resolution. Nardone sells, leases, and rents WES3 equipment and delivers custom installation and training based on your specific site needs.

WES3 is a completely wireless system that has been developed to provide simple, fast, and secure communications to notify personnel in the event of a site emergency or other urgent communications. Fully wireless and battery operated, WES3 can be rapidly deployed and remotely monitored by Nardone without the need for cabling or power. From empty properties to sprawling construction sites, WES3 can be easily customized to tackle all situations demanding immediate and reliable communications.

WES3 is the latest in evacuation and emergency alarm system innovation. Designed to leading standards, this advanced alarm system has been developed to provide a simple, fast, and secure method of communicating evacuation and medical emergencies in complex environments. This system provides real-time alert notifications for fire and medical emergencies and can easily integrate into your monitoring equipment/systems to immediately notify first responders.
The WES3 Connect control unit will capture data from up to 999 devices situated around a site, it constantly relays data back to the user including active alarm activations, low battery warning and signal failure. In addition, WES3 Connect includes 5G cellular connectivity, allowing customized alerts to be sent to 6 different phone numbers and emails ensuring that the relevant persons are notified in the event of an emergency.

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