Clean Energy

Over the past decade, demand for our multiple green product installations has increased more than 500%.

Solar: This includes complete solar installations starting with an assessment, project design, panel and inverter installation, racking, metering, and battery storage. Since the first panels we installed in 2010, our installations have generated more than XXXX kilowatts of clean energy for our clients. This includes our own installation at our Woburn, MA HQ. (Photos w/captions)

PEVs: Plug-in electric vehicles are here to stay. A full transition to electric-drive vehicles (including all-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and hybrid electric vehicles) could reduce U.S. dependence on imported petroleum by more than 80% and cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 60%. We can help your business determine how many EVSE units are required, the best products for your needs, as well as planning and installation as needed. We even have charging stations at our office to encourage our employees and visitors to use EVs.

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