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There are many tried and true cliches used to describe a family owned and operated business. Passion. Pride. Commitment to the customer. Attention to detail. And of course, tradition. These apt descriptors are all very true for the Nardone family, but there are a few things that may be a bit different. One just has to walk through their sprawling Woburn campus to see what we refer to as, uniquely Nardone.

From above you see rows and rows of precisely installed solar panels. At ground level, walking past the growing fleet of boldly striped trucks, each model offering a different service from construction design, fire alarm and safety, to 24-hour emergency service, generators, and green technologies. Past the EV charging stations you enter the lobby, and here you are faced with two choices. Head right to climb stairs that direct you to the corporate offices, with corporate values prominently on display, or you head left to, wait, what? A wine cellar? And here you first experience what’s uniquely Nardone.

Like any traditional Italian American family, when you are welcomed in, it’s an experience. Working with Nardone you will always get an experienced team that is current with the changing technical demands of the industry, teams delivering well managed projects and tidy job sites, and of course precision installation of whatever your job demands. But you’ll also get to really know the people you work with, and yes, several of them are Nardone’s. Now back to the wine. Making wine is a passion of the two brothers Steve and Jay. The same level of commitment to installing complex wiring is required to make wine. Precise recipes. Patience to make sure it’s right. And an end product that is enjoyed well into the future. They decided to keep their hobby close at hand since they had the space, and every so often they take a break from the daily operations of running a successful company to tweak their recipes and vintages. Of course, sampling only takes place after hours.

Besides the wine, there are other sights to see from the classic tools and devices on display showing the 40-year evolution of the company and industry. There’s a collection of antique fire boxes destined for some future art project, and a fully restored generator from the 20’s, the 1920s that is. And you’ll often hear the people. Animated voices from within the busy training room. You walk the halls to see the morning crews heading off to job sites, the designers and estimators planning for the future, apprentices just learning their kraft and the prefab crews bending and shaping metal and wood to make installations neater, safer and easier to maintain. Many of team members are seasoned veterans of the company, several topping 25 years of service. They stay because of all of the little extras that paint the Nardone picture.

So, if you’d like to learn more about Nardone, give us a call, or better yet, schedule a visit and you might sample more than just great electrical contracting.

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